To put all 7 thousand pieces of ceramic on one floor was challenging but also gathering reputable printed documents and their information. Area by area, space by space, each collections and historical events are chronologically divided thanks to the help of curator Marina Vignozzi Paszkoski of Archivio Industriale Bitossi and Porzia Bergamasco. 
A big cropped imaged corresponds the below scanned images with both captions in English and Italian. Panels go in chronological order from Bitossi's birth, Aldo Londi's artistic directions with many collaborations to the modern design interpretations with many including Memphis designers.
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More than 2000 square meter museum space is preserved in their original structure; leaving evident memory of the industrial architecture. The contemporaneity was added by Luca Cipelletti's studio AR.CH.IT. We worked on the graphic element to emphasise Bitossi's original drawings to photography which needed to communicate well with the space created by the architectural studio. Big panels covered up the whole windows throughout the space leaving slight light to come in from behind. We were convinced one big image on a panel works best and we liked the idea of using their historical mould which were used in their famous Rimini Blu collections to give some twist in design.
Photography by DSL studio